Tai Chi / Qi Gong For Longevity

Tai Chi is a unique system of exercise that uses every part of the body in a slow, flowing, leisurely movement. It conserves energy, renews vitality, and produces calmness, relaxation and a feeling of emotional security. It has been known to lower blood pressure, relieve arthritis and help many heart, lung and gastric diseases. It is especially beneficial for the elderly to maintain balance and help prevent falls. According to the Natural Healing Encyclopedia, Tai Chi is a natural tranquilizer; a 10-minute break for a round of Tai Chi can put people in a better frame of mind and help them to bear every day pressures. In China, Tai Chi is viewed with great respect and was a jealously guarded secret of the elite. Anyone from 8 or above can benefit from this ancient treasure of Chinese healing art.

Qi Gong is a method by which the practitioner will be able to achieve a higher level of physical, mental and spiritual health. By combining mind, posture and breathing one can learn to cleanse and detox the body, cultivate the three treasures of the body (Jing, Qi and Shen), and receive the benefit of preventing and healing diseases.

The class will teach and empasize one's self-healing ability and introduce universal energy and how to collect and absorb energy from the universe. The course consists of 8 sessions. The student will learn Yang Tai Chi Chuan movements which will introduce basic concepts and ways to cultivate Chi (internal energy) in the body.

Class: Yang Style Tai Chi and Qigong
Scheduled Starting Date & Time: Monday September 18, 2023 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
Fee: $80.00 for 8 sessions or $15.00 each class
Instructors: Robert Henhaffer / Ilene Dougherty
Location: All classes are held at 10 W. Ormond Ave., Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Registration:Walk-in registration will be held during business hours at the Oriental Healing Office. Please call before coming in. Mail-in registration is accepted, you may call for a form or download from our website below. Checks can be made payable to Oriental Healing LLC. Please mail the form to the address above no later than 5 days prior to starting date. For more information call (856) 857-9494

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