Anti-Cancer Association in Beijing

October 3rd, 2000

Since Oriental Healing started GuoLin Walking Qigong Class in South Jersey last Spring, the practice has been well accepted. To increase its teaching and exercise effects, I took a special trip to Beijing this summer. I visited the Anti-Cancer Association (ACA) at the Life Oasis of Yuyuantan Park, the birthplace of Guolin Qigong, to further my own training. The ACA is a self-help group, formed in the process of many cancer patients fighting the malignant diseases. There are currently 5000 members and a dozen of subgroups at different parks. The Yuyuantan Park subgroup at 8?1 Lakeside is the largest, with nearly 1000 members. The central work of ACA is to teach Guolin Qigong and acts as a living proof that the most effective anticancer measure consists of a combination of Western medicine, Chinese medicine, Guolin Qigong, psychotherapy, and diet. The ACA invites experts of Western and Chinese medicine for lectures, organizes Qigong seminars, calls for cancer-rehab meetings for exchanging experience, and publishes ACA magazines. As a result of hard work and diligence, ACA's public anticancer model spreads rapidly in China and around the world, attracting thousands of cancer patients to learn the exercise. In open mind and renewed spirit, they come together to learn Guolin Qigong, exchange anticancer experience, explore the treatment plans, and many find their way back to health from the deadly diseases. Here I want to share some of my experience from this visit and study in Beijing as an introduction to the ACA powerful anti-cancer practice.

1. The teachers use their personal anti-cancer experience to affirm the students of the anti-cancer effects of Guolin Qigong, strengthening their faith over diseases.

Dayuan Yu > male, the teacher of Guolin Qigong class in July and the ACA chief. He had rectal cancer in 1979 that spread to bones and lymph nodes. With combined Western? Chinese therapy, long term Chinese herb intake, and Guolin Qigong, he is alive, healthy, and actively helping thousands of cancer patients today. He started teaching in 1980s and has students all over the world. In the beginning of his book [Cancer Friends' Guide: New Road to Recover], he wrote: "We come to know Guolin Qigong not from high tech or deep theory or molecular structure. Guolin herself practiced it and lived 30 more years. Now she is dead, but she died of stroke, not from cancer. Guolin is the first successful example of her Qigong. Guolin taught us, we practiced it and got well. We taught them, they practiced it and got well. They then taught others, the others practiced it and got well again! So one spreads to ten and ten to hundred. It solves the problem." The special feature, clinical effects, and scientific basis of Guolin Qigong in treatment of cancer and other diseases were also provided in Yu's book.

Yuncai Sun "> female, had breast cancer in 1980 and both breast were removed. In1981, the cancer spread to her lungs as suggested by the X-rays. She started Guolin Qigong in 1981, kept taking Chinese herbs and swimming, and fully recovered from cancer 8 years later. She is now the chief secretaty of ACA, has taught Guolin Qigong for many years, and co-authored the Cancer Friends' Guide. The data in that book showed that among 23 cancer patients from Qinhua University, 20 survived and 3 died after 5?year GuolinQigong exercise. The survival rate is 87%, and 58% of those survived resumed normal work.

Zenghe Yang > male, had lip cancer in 1989 that spread to local lymph nodes in 1991. He had surgery and chemotherapy and took Chinese herbs for 5 years. He started Guolin Qigong after he was discharged from the hospital. Now he is fully recovered and the chief editor of ACA magazine. He studied the 5?year survival rate of cancer members of Beihai ACA subgroup. Of the total 73 patients, 13 died. The survival rate was 82.2%, leading the advanced world levels of cancer survival.

Kaifang He > female, had uteral cancer that spread to lungs in 1982. She contracted pseudo-membrane enteritis, a side-effect of chemotherapy, and her life was in grave danger. After the Western medicine exhausted all means of treatment, she picked up Guolin qigong. She also took Chinese herbs each day for the first 5 years. Now she is healthy and active, teaches Guolin Qigong, and works enthusiastically for the ACA.

During my visit with ACA in Beijing, I met many anti-cancer stars ( ACA titles for those who overcome cancer ). Many warmly shared their personal experience with me. My notebook was filled with their own accounts of the diseases, treatment process, and Guolin Qigong schedule.

2. Acting on the will to live, keeping on practice Guolin Qigong, and combining Western and Chinese medicines provide the key to the impressive anti-cancer effects.

From 5 to 6 o'clock every morning, hundred of people practicing Guolin Qigong started gather up at the Life Oasis by the B-1 Lakeside of Yuyuantan Park, a fine Qigong location with clear water and fresh air. There are people young and old, local and foreigners, anti-cancer victors and cancer-bearing survivors? Some are in critical conditions, others with chronic diseases such as lupus and chronic hapatitis, still others just come to learn. The teachers, once the personal students of Guolin herself, were Mr.Dayuan Yu, Ms.Yuncai Sun, and Ms.Kaifang He. The class schedule is 8:00-9:30 a.m., every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Each month a new class is started. Each year it runs in cycle.. In scorching summer or freezing winter, they keep on outdoor exercise. They believe in cancer preventive and curing effects of high volume oxygen intake ( 8 times normal amount ). For Guolin Qigong practitioners, the oxygen intake can be 20 times over the average daily breathing. The immune function is also enhanced in Guolin exercise. In 1980, Prof.Yulin Xin, the chief of Tongxen Lung Cancer Institute, conducted a study on lung cancer patients and found a significant increase of immune function in patients after 3 months of Guolin Qigong exercise. Another benefit of Guolin Qigong is the improvement of microcirculation of the body. According to Tongji University study, after a 40-minute exercise of natural walking Qigong, the body's blood flow in the microcirculation increased from 0.9 to 2.5 units / second.

Dayuan Yu, the Qigong teacher of ACA, pointed out that good effects come from persistence of Guolin exercise? He said humorously." We have holidays for our work but no holidays for Qigong. We have to exercise every day, even in New Year 's Day. The reason is simple: The cancer has no holidays, nor does it choose days to grow. It may even grow faster in our holidays when we eat better." He went on to say:" Life is hard. Good health cannot be bought by fame, power, or money. We should learn to rid ourselves of these roots for suffering." Encouraged by the teachers' own experience and beneficial effects, many "patients with unstable condition and cancer spread keep on exercise for as long as 3?4 hours every day. Even after their conditions become stabilized, they still keep exercising for 1-2 hours daily. In his book," Guolin New Qigong", BinfuTao wrote:" Bear in mind the hard lesson of losing Qigong. Some patients kept Qigong exercise for a while.. They got good results and cancer relief or even cure. Then they stopped the exercise because of busy work. They lose Qigong slowly? Shortly afterwards, cancer comes back, or some new diseases come up. For most people the disease may disappear again once Qigong exercise is resumed. Others could not regain health and paid their lives."

3. A special therapy known as 'Chat Therapy' also works well in ACA class. Patients's spirit is raised and medical common-sense becomes widespread There they exchange treatment experience and sum up lessons for failure.

At ACA Life Oasis many people spend over 3 hours each morning. Most time is used in Qigong exercise; a part is spent in chat. The new members tend to come with mixed emotions of skeptism, nervousness, disappointment, and low-spirit. Teachers always give them spiritual support and encouragement from other members' successful cases and their own personal experience. The patients are induced to exercise Qigong. After a few weeks or months, they feel the difference and their emotions stabilized. They begin looking for exchange and seeking therapies or doctors most suitable for themselves. People with similar cases then form a gathering and chat. Those who already win over cancer would warmly recommend treatment experience and exercise plans. In China political topics are avoided by many; but medical topics are never reserved for doctors, they are freely exchanged. Students pay good attention to teachers' experience. Once I attended a class when Mr. Dayuan Yu tried to answer various medical problems from students. What surprised me was Mr.Yu's rich knowledge of oncology. Soon I found the answer myself. Every day for 20 years, Mr.Yu has subjected himself in a public group of cancer patients. He has taught a total of 26000 cancer students, listened carefully to their sorrow and joy. In addition, he has personal anticancer experience and full-time study of anti-cancer knowledge of both Western and Chinese medicines. All these makes him an anti-cancer expert. There are quite many such anti-cancer experts in ACA. Every body there takes chat therapy as a special therapy of real value and good effects.